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by Robert Loughry | Jan 9, 2018 10:53:01 AM | Litigation Services, Trial Presentation

With advances in technology, it is now easy for attorneys to integrate many tools in their trial presentations to support and present evidence as well as to better prepare cases before trial. There are various ways in which technology can be used to increase an attorney’s impact in the courtroom. The following are some ways in which trial technology solutions can be used to strengthen a case.


E-Discovery is short for electronic discovery. This refers to discovery that is conducted or provided in electronic format. E-discovery usually involves the management of electronically stored information. Because the information presented in E-discovery is electronic, it can be easier and more efficient to search for an opposing party’s tendered discovery than it would be to search paper documents for the same information.

Legal Videography & Virtual Conferencing

Legal videography can be useful in preparing witnesses for trial, meeting with team members in other locations, preparing arguments, or recording depositions. Often, video can create more powerful cases than mere audio depositions. It is also possible to search the video and create short video and audio files of specific and relevant testimony to highlight key points.

Through virtual conferencing, attorneys can cut travel costs to attend meetings in different offices. These cost savings can be passed on to the client. Virtual conferencing may involve the setting up of equipment in various offices or locations in order to communicate. Virtual conferencing can also be set up on mobile devices for added convenience.

Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting involves a combination of traditional stenography with the speed and convenience of real time transcription of a deposition, or any other proceeding. With realtime court reporting, the transcripts created are available faster than traditional transcripts. In addition, the transcripts can be searched, edited and annotated in real time, as a deposition is taking place. This can be helpful in terms of asking follow up questions as well as making notes. Attorneys and other team members may work on the realtime transcripts remotely as well, providing feedback electronically if they cannot physically make it to the deposition.

Trial Presentation Solutions

Today’s trial presentation solutions have gone beyond the use of poster board or PowerPoint to present images or graphics to an audience. While PowerPoint remains a strong tool, attorneys can also enhance their cases with trial technology like animation, graphics, medical illustration, and storyboards.

The effectiveness of a presentation depends on the information to be conveyed and the method selected. For example, using medical illustrations to explain an injury to an area of the body can be a great way to visualize a complex medical issue to a jury that may otherwise have a hard time comprehending the evidence. It is best to work with a professional early on in the process to review the evidence to be presented and select the method that works best to make a lasting impression on the trier of fact.

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