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by AWR | Mar 15, 2019 3:04:09 PM | Litigation Services


Litigation attorneys have a lot of challenges to deal with, and they often wear many hats. From managing a law firm and supervising staff to preparing graphic exhibits and researching for their next argument, litigators often find a lot of value in letting experts assist in the preparation of their cases. At A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates (AWR), we provide a wide range of litigation support services. Learn more below, and contact us today to schedule the services you need.

Court Reporting & Realtime Reporting

Every deposition requires a court reporter. Most litigation cases will involve at least a handful of depositions. Our team can respond to deposition requests 24/7, often on short notice. In addition to traditional court reporting, there are times when you may have a court proceeding that requires a documented record, such as a complex motion hearing that you wish to preserve for appeal or a formal hearing that may be hotly contested.


eDiscovery is electronic discovery. Whether you are requesting discovery documents or producing them, you need to make sure it’s done right. Our team can help to index and produce just what’s requested and nothing more. We can also help to create a systematic document management process in order to help you manage thousands of produced documents and other evidentiary exhibits. Under Federal Rules, electronically stored documents must be produced in a certain way in order to conform with the law. When you work with AWR, you can be confident that you’re working with a team that knows how to handle eDiscovery the right way.

Legal Video

Nothing quite compares to a demonstrative video at trial. If you make your living convincing people to agree with your arguments, you definitely need to make a visual impression. Our experienced team can put together video demonstrations, exhibits, and digital evidence that makes the jury take notice.

Audio Transcriptions

Sometimes, you need to record audio and produce it in high quality for the court. Whether it’s a deposition that needs to be audio recorded for later use at trial or something you’ve stipulated to, our team can help you record testimony, witnesses, or just about anything else you need.


It’s not uncommon for cases to involve at least a party or witness who may not be a native English-speaker. When this happens, it’s extremely important that the testimony be recorded in a way that it is authentic, accurate, and clear. At AWR, we have access to a wide network of highly-qualified and experienced interpreters who understand how to interpret in real time during legal proceedings.

Trial Presentation

If you are preparing for trial, our trial presentation services can help. We can help you put together animations to demonstrate medical procedures or illustrate how a car accident happened. We can also work to build diagrams, charts, and other illustrations, including 3D graphics, medical illustrations, storyboards, and more. Wow the jury, make your point, and clarify complex ideas with high quality visuals.

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