Trial Graphics Services Can Strengthen Your Presentations

by Robert Loughry | Dec 28, 2017 7:00:10 AM | Litigation Services, Trial Presentation

Trial graphics are images and words that are designed to help present a case before a judge or jury at trial. Graphics can be used to support an attorney’s opening and closing arguments as well as in support of an expert witness testimony.

The Need For Trial Graphics

With a particularly difficult or complicated testimony, graphics can be an invaluable tool in simplifying the information to be understood by a fact finder, who may not have the experience or expertise to understand the concepts presented. The graphics can also help the fact finder retain the information presented. Presenting trial evidence in a visual form can make more familiar and easy to retain.

Types Of Courtroom Graphics

Courtroom graphics can include graphs, charts, PowerPoint presentations, animations, videos and storyboards. Which type of trial graphics will be most useful in presenting evidence in your case depends on the evidence to be presented. For example, if you are presenting medical evidence, you can use medical illustrations that highlight the injury in the context of the part of the body that was injured. If you are presenting evidence on how a sequence of events led to an accident, you can use animation to show each step of the sequence in motion leading to the eventual accident.

To create effective graphics for trial presentations, the focus needs to be on presenting the information in a simple yet effective way. Do not try to overload one particular chart or screen with as much information as possible on a single concept. Instead, organize concepts into digestible chunks that can logically be broken down over several images. Using full-color imagery and selecting the proper fonts, that won’t require the viewer to strain, can also make trial graphics more effective.

Other Considerations

Your graphics should also be tailored to the audience you are targeting. If your case is before a jury, you may need to simplify the graphics more than if you were presenting the same information before a seasoned judge.

Creating trial graphics should be approached with as much care as organizing the evidence for trial. In some cases, your graphics can be prepared first and then later transformed into other types of graphics that work better. For instance, a storyboard can be created early on as you prepare for trial and later transformed into animation as the theory of the case becomes more concrete. This is easier to do when you are working with a professional early in the trial preparation process. A professional can produce quality work and adjust it as you need.

Contact AWR For Expert Litigation Support

If you have to present evidence at trial, you should consider using graphics as part of your overall trial strategy. Having a professional prepare the graphics you use at trial can cut down your preparation time and provide you with high quality graphics to present to the judge or jury. Contact A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates (AWR) for a full range of expert trial presentation services, including PowerPoint, illustrations, animations, video, storyboards, and an array of other litigation support services that can help you strengthen your arguments in court.

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