Work With A Litigation Support Specialist

by Robert Loughry | Feb 5, 2018 10:51:24 AM | Litigation Services

Whether preparing for trial, deposition or other pretrial work, having the services of a litigation support specialist can be invaluable. They can take care of a variety of tasks that are necessary in helping prepare a case for trial. Learn more about what a litigation support specialist can do to help you strengthen your case and how you can help the process run more efficiently.

Identifying Goals & Setting Expectations

In order to ensure that your use of litigation support services works well and efficiently, it is important to identify the goals and expectations at the beginning of the process. Communicate these goals and expectations to the service provider as clearly as possible. This gives both parties a chance to ask questions and work from a common understanding.

It is also important to set deadlines for when milestones should be completed. Several smaller deadlines are more effective in some cases, because errors can be identified sooner and changes made to ensure that the final product meets expectations. For example, when working with a legal support provider to create trial exhibits, the sooner the exhibits are ready the easier it is to make any necessary changes in plenty of time for trial.

Sharing Your Strategy

Sharing your trial strategy with your specialist can help them to get a feel for what kind of exhibit would work best for your case. Using storyboards and animation can work well in some cases, but not in others. If the service provider has an understanding of what your trial strategy is, and what key points have to be conveyed to the fact finder, they can present different options that may work best for the case.

If you require certain technical services, such as real time court reporting or legal videography, you should always check to ensure that the specialist has the equipment and expertise you need to make use of those services. Similarly, you should ask about what certifications your service provider may hold, if certification in a certain area is important to you.

You also want to make sure that you are working with a specialist who understands your local court rules, in order to ensure that the court can accept any work they prepare. For this reason, using service providers located in other countries can be risky, because they may not understand what is needed under local rules, which may require carrying out tasks more than once.

Call The Legal Support Experts At AWR

Developing a clear understanding of what services are needed and how they will be completed is one of the best ways to help ensure your use of a litigation support specialist is efficient and successful. Another great way? Work with a proven expert. A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates (AWR) has years of experience providing a full suite of litigation services to clients around the world. For more information on how we can help you present your case in court, or to schedule services, contact us today.

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