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by Robert Loughry | Jun 21, 2018 3:27:51 PM | Litigation Services

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Attention litigators! How would you like to store and access all of your key evidence, documents, and exhibits in one secure place, where you can quickly and instantly access them at trial? If so, be sure to check out the Legal Document Management System from AWR. This free case management tool can help you get organized in no time.

How It Works

When you schedule depositions or receive transcripts from depositions, they are all uploaded to one convenient portal that you can access 24/7 through a secure login. But the system has so many other benefits. Here’s how you can use it to stay organized throughout the course of litigation.

As A Repository

Anyone who handles a lot of litigation cases knows that one of the toughest problems is maintaining a clear and easy-to-access repository for all of the documents, evidence, exhibits, testimony, and transcripts involved. In fact, many commentators have discussed the problems with document management recently.

Saving these items to a server can be clunky and disconnected. Staff may save files in different folders for different cases, or titles may not match from case to case, leaving attorneys to spend precious time searching for what they need. AWR’s legal document management system uses the latest in cutting-edge technology to offer a single space for all of your litigation items. It’s truly a one-stop repository.

As Security

Servers crash, hackers break in, and employees make careless mistakes that can accidentally delete critical pieces of evidence. Imagine that crucial affidavit or photograph that tells your client’s story better than testimony ever could. Now imagine that evidence being accidentally deleted by a careless intern. By using AWR’s legal document management system, you have a safe, secure, and protected place to store everything that matters. The best part is you can always download copies to your own desktop for ready use, all while knowing it remains securely protected in the digital repository.

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As A Trial Tool

Beyond just the ease of keeping everything in one place, AWR’s legal document management system offers you a number of key tools that can make trial work a breeze:


You can create hyperlinks to important exhibits. When you are in the middle of cross examining a critical witness, imagine the ease and utility of being able to hover a mouse over a hyperlink and go directly to that witness’s deposition testimony in order to quickly and efficiently impeach testimony.


Mark up documents on the fly. This tool lets you copy text from deposition transcripts and put it in other programs or e-mails. This can be very helpful if you want to highlight key phrases or comments.

Find and Search With Ease

Unlike clunky software of the past, you can easily search for keywords and text throughout documents, whether evidence or transcripts.

E-filing features

You can even take a deposition transcript directly from our portal and quickly submit it for filing to your local court in just a few clicks.

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