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Among the litigation support services we provide at AWR is the ability to make compelling graphical demonstrations of medical procedures and events, 3D animations, and storyboards. Most people understand information much better when they have something visual that provides context to what you’re presenting. This is as true in the courtroom as it is outside of the courtroom. Yet most lawyers lack the technical proficiency necessary to recreate graphical representations using 3D models that employ real physics. AWR does. Learn more about the litigation graphics services available from AWR, and contact us to schedule services today.

Trial Animation


Lawsuits are won by preparing trial-ready cases. Even if your case isn’t going to be tried before a jury, having a 3D animation to show (instead of describing) what happened is an invaluable tool that will resonate with jurors. Typically, lawyers rely on expert testimony, police reports, and witness statements. Bringing all of these elements together in a single animation can enhance the persuasiveness of an argument and help to ensure that there is one uniform theory that you’re presenting to the jury.

At AWR, we work closely with you to get the trial animations you need. We create a low-detail preview that allows you to reconcile any inconsistencies from the beginning—rather than having to spend extra costs to redo an entire animation. Once the animation has been created and the final rendering is complete, it can be used be used to create interactive PDFs, storyboards, and poster blow-ups.

Trial animations are useful for traffic accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, patent disputes, and more.

Litigation Storyboards


Storyboards are an excellent tool to explain precisely what happened in a given situation. While animations have their place, it’s best for your audience if you don’t attempt to narrate them. Storyboards, however, are perfect for narration. You can move through images and discuss exactly what happened during a traffic accident, a medical event, a construction accident, or just about any other type of event that requires visualization.

Storyboards can be deployed in a PowerPoint presentation for a clear and cost-effective approach to presenting your case during a trial.

Medical Illustration

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When discussing complex physical injuries or medical events, it’s imperative to provide the jury with something they can visualize. Medical illustrations are very useful in these cases. While expert witnesses are necessary in such cases, the jury can’t be expected to understand everything that they say. Nor can they be expected to follow a chain of reasoning describing complex surgical procedures or medical events. However, having a ready-to-use step-by-step diagram of a medical procedure to provide context to what a medical expert is saying can be a cost-effective way to prove an otherwise complex line of reasoning.

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Litigation graphics services can help you present a compelling argument to a jury. Even if you’re case doesn’t go to trial, preparing a case so that it’s trial ready can help to leverage opposing counsel into a timely settlement.

AWR provides a full range of litigation support services to law firms all over the country, from graphics and court reporting to transcriptions, legal videography and more. Contact us today to schedule services.


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