Why Work with a Trial Technology Specialist?

by AWR | May 24, 2019 2:43:42 PM | Litigation Services, Trial Presentation

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Great trial lawyers know something others don’t: knowing the law is not enough to win at trial. Experienced trial lawyers will tell you that proving your case is often just as much about wowing the jury and being able to seamlessly present information in a simple, clear, organized and easy to remember way. That’s where a trial technology specialist from AWR Trial Solutions can make a huge difference.

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What is a Trial Technology Specialist?

A trial tech service helps you prepare exhibits, organize orders of proof, build fantastic demonstrations and animations, and even can help you get thousands of pages of critical documents uploaded to a digital case management system. In short, working with a trial technology specialist takes some of the headache and worry off you, the busy trial lawyer, ensuring that a digital expert is there to help make things go smoothly.

What a Trial Technology Specialist Can Do for You

There are many benefits of working with the litigation support team at AWR. Here are a few key things we can do to help your team:

  • Preparing for trial. We can help your team build a process and backend system for organizing exhibits, witness lists, documents, and everything else that can complicate your case and drive you crazy. Forget spending countless hours tediously organizing trial binders.
  • Exhibits. Our team can prepare storyboards, PowerPoints, powerful animations and videos, clip art demonstratives, and medical illustrations, all of which will help you drive home your message. Exhibits are called onto the presentation screen within seconds are annotated to follow your examination on the fly.
  • Equipment. Get the latest and greatest high-tech options at your fingertips without spending thousands of dollars on upfront investments. Think about businesses that choose to lease a printer rather than buy. Leasing means always having the latest technology, having immediate access to tech support and repairs, and never having to worry about being down. We bring the tech to you!
  • Onsite Support. Don’t know how to use the technology? That’s why we are here. Our team loves to help attorneys adapt their proven trial strategies to tomorrow’s high-tech landscape. A trial support specialist will be onsite in the courtroom with you running all of the technology so you can focus on the trial – not whether the presentation is working.

Ethical Reasons to Hire a Trial Tech Specialist

Recently, the American Bar Association added the technology competence requirement to Rule 1.1 of the Professional Rules of Conduct. The new rule states in part that an attorney should “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” See ABA Rule 1.1.

This implies that attorneys will need to become more tech savvy. Having a trial tech specialist on your side means knowing that you can always be competent in the latest tech or have an expert from AWR at your side who can help.  For help with your next mediation, arbitration or trial, contact our team today.


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